Calpak Rover Rolling Carry-On Duffel Bag Review

A reliable and robust duffel bag is everything you could ever need for a successful business trip or holiday vacation. Owning one will free you from hassles and delays that might occur along the way should you bring a bulky carry-on bag.

Presenting the new masterpiece of the Calpak, the Rover 20-inch washable rolling carry-on upright duffel bag that is lightweight with lots of useful features perfect for traveling. It’s the best investment you could ever have should you wish to own a traveling bag that does not break your style while ensuring reliability.


Two rolling spinner wheels

Unlike the Calpak Davis luggage set that we reviewed recently, the Calpak Rover duffel bag only has two wheels. However they still function extremely well. These two rolling spinner wheels can rotate for up to 360-degrees, making it easier for you to drag the bag around in a busy airport. 360-rotating wheels are also an advantage if you don’t want to limit your mobility and avoid hassles along the way.

Lightweight design

Just like any other Calpak carry-on bag collection, it is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. There’s no limit to what you can bring with this bag, and there’s no need to worry about carrying such bulky bag while you are traveling.

Retractable handle system

Calpak is also known for its retractable handle system that allows more convenience to the user in carrying the bag. The handle is as durable as the material of the bag that is made out of 100% polyester.

Large zippered main compartment

One good thing about this bag is that it offers easy access to the users. There is one large zippered compartment where you can place most of your things. It allows you to easily get things inside of your bag while you are around the city without much hassle.

Grab handles

There are grab handles that are mounted on the top and bottom of the bag, making it easier to carry around. This is handy when there are too many people in the area, and you are a force to carry your bag instead of dragging it using the wheels.



The purple flower design and embroidered Calpak logo are what makes this bag stand above the crowd. It’s ideal for people who wanted to travel in style and get away from the classic plain colors mostly seen in traveling bags.


Despite the features, durability, and great design of the bag, rest assured that it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still buy this bag that is similar to the ones expensively displayed on boutiques.


Traveling with a great bag saves a lot of time and money in the process. Hence, when it comes to choosing the bag that you’re going to invest for your business trip or holiday vacation, you might want to check out this Rover bag. The durability, reliability, design, and affordable price of the bag—what else can you ask for? Check this out now!